About Our eStore

Ahadu eStore (pronounced as Aá-ha-doo) is a Ge’ez word (an ancient Ethiopian language), which means ‘one’ to highlight our mission of being the ‘Number 1’ one-stop, online destination for Ethiopian & non-Ethiopian shoppers alike looking for home goods and consumer products, primarily focused on Ethiopian Food & Beverages, Home Goods, Creative Design, and Electronics

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Here is our story behind the beginning of Ahadu eStore…

The spark that caused the thought of entering the online space
We started in 2009 as a wholesaler to Ethiopian Retail stores in the Washington DC Metropolitan area specializing in Injera ‘Mitad’ Grill, Teff and other Ethiopian spices. While serving the local market, we noticed the difficulty some of our customers had accessing our products from the local retail stores, especially customers who lived where there were no Ethiopian retail stores.


The turning point from idea to exploration
We have been in the Amazon Market space as sellers for 2 years. This helped us understand the demanded areas for Ethiopian products. While there were great number of sellers available, what caught our attention was the additional charges and fees added by Amazon, making these products pricier. With our wholesale experience, we knew we could help shoppers save few extra bucks.


The new addition - creative space
We have had the greatest appreciation for creative designs and the craftsmanship behind Ethiopian products. By leveraging our extensive manufacturing relationships and collaborating with talented Ethiopian designers, we knew we could provide shoppers with unique, frequently used consumer products.


Centralized solar & portable power supply
Like many who have ‘lived in’ or ‘traveled to’ a developing country for an extended period, we have dealt with the impact of inconsistent electricity access, making it difficult to do simple things like charging cell phones and laptops, and even more difficult to keep refrigerated food fresh and unspoiled. This is without even addressing a bigger issue for rural areas that have minimal to no electricity access. Though we can stop here, we won’t without emphasizing the growing need for people also living in developed countries, whether it’s for recreational activities or living in areas that are prone to severe climates. We are committed to addressing these pain points for people in various geographic locations by creating a centralized place where they can find versatile electronic products such as portable power supplies, various accessories and solar power sources. As we continue to build on our product line, make sure to stay connected with us to get updates as we add new products.


By combining our wholesale capabilities, online selling experience, and manufacturing and supplier relationships, we began the Ahadu Online Store. Our aim is to reach shoppers who lack access to Ethiopian retail stores, seek consumer products that are unique with Ethiopian creatives and/or versatile adding convenience.

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